Name: Florian Packmor (name at birth: Müller)
Position: Research Officer
Email: f.packmor(at)
Address: School of Natural Sciences, Bangor University,
Deiniol Road, Bangor, Gwynedd, LL57 2UW, UK

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  • Research Interests:

    I am an Ornithologist and Behavioural Ecologist with a great interest in bird migration. My research is focused on the spatio-temporal organisation of migration in songbirds, with a special emphasis on navigation and the timing of migratory activity. I am interested in birds’ endogenous migratory behaviour, and how they integrate a variety of cues to find the way to their migratory destinations and to time the departures for their migratory flights.

    For my research I apply and combine different methods to record migratory orientation and activity in captive birds, or track the individual migratory behaviour (e.g. timing and direction of departures from stopover) in free-flying birds by means of radio-telemetry.

    I am experienced in collecting and analysing data on migratory restlessness and individual birds’ migratory behaviour in the field, and took an active role in the setup and maintenance of an automated radio-telemetry network on the German island of Helgoland (first extension of the MOTUS wildlife tracking system in Europe; see more about MOTUS here).

    I would be happy to consider suggestions for collaboration.

    Current Projects:

    Animal Map Unravelled: Unravelling map and compass cues in bird navigation

    Please find the detailed description of the project here

    Selected Publications:

    C. Eikenaar, E. Ballstaedt, S. Hessler, T. Klinner, F. Müller, H. Schmaljohann (2018)
    Cues, corticosterone and departure decisions in a partial migrant
    General and Comparative Endocrinology 261: 59-66.

    C. Eikenaar, F. Müller, G. Rüppel, M. Stöwe (2018)
    Endocrine regulation of migratory departure from stopover: Evidence from a longitudinal migratory restlessness study on northern wheatears
    Hormones and Behavior 99: 9-13.

    F. Müller, C. Eikenaar, CJ Crysler, PD Taylor, H Schmaljohann (2018)
    Nocturnal departure timing in songbirds facing distinct migratory challenges
    Journal of Animal Ecology 87: 1102-1115.

    F. Müller, G. Rüppel, H. Schmaljohann (2018)
    Does the length of the night affect the timing of nocturnal departures in a migratory songbird?
    Animal Behaviour 141: 183-194.

    H. Schmaljohann, F. Müller, T. Klinner, C. Eikenaar (2018)
    Potential age differences in the migratory behaviour of a nocturnal songbird migrant during autumn and spring
    Journal of Avian Biology e01815.

    C. Eikenaar, F. Müller, C. Leutgeb, S. Hessler, K. Lebus, PD Taylor, H. Schmaljohann (2017)
    Corticosterone and timing of migratory departure in a songbird
    Proceedings of the Royal Society B 284.

    C. Eikenaar, F. Müller, S. Kämpfer, H. Schmaljohann. (2016)
    Fuel accumulation advances nocturnal departure: A migratory restlessness study on northern wheatears at stopover
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    F. Müller, PD Taylor, S. Sjöberg, R. Muheim, A. Tsvey, SA Mackenzie, H. Schmaljohann (2016)
    Towards a conceptual framework for explaining variation in nocturnal departure time of songbird migrants
    Movement Ecology 4: 24.


  • 2018-present: Research Officer, Bangor University, UK
  • 2015-present: PhD (Biology), University of Oldenburg and Institute of Avian Research “Vogelwarte Helgoland”, Germany

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