The Bangor Animal Navigation Group is a group of likeminded scientists at Bangor University in the pursuit of better understanding the underlying principles of animal navigation. We investigate animal navigation in a wide variety of different animal species ranging from the humble homing pigeon to bats and european robins. We have formed large individual networks with scientists at leading universities around the world to investigate the phenomenon in even more species and broader ecological contexts, including migration, movement ecology and visual guidance of flight.

School of Natural Sciences, Bangor University, Deiniol Road, Bangor, Gwynedd, LL57 2UW, UK

Prospective Masters and PhD students

If you are interested in joining our lab, please send us an email expression of interest, explaining your background and research interests.

Available Projects:

Effects of sensory deprivation on the homing ability of pigeons
This project is part of the NAV MAP project and will allow prospective students to work on a biological problem in a interdisciplinary context, mixing field work and analytical work. The project can be split into two subparts - Compass mechanisms and Map components - allowing up to two students to work simultaneously on the same project.
Requirements: Prospective students should be highly motivated, animal friendly, interested in learning statistics and R and idealy have a drivers license.
Please send your expresion of interest to Dr. Ingo Schiffner i.schiffner@bangor.ac.uk
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